Week of December 24th-30th 2018

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Lagunitas Willettized Coffee Stout

    (Available in 22oz Bottles & On Draft)

– Imperial Stout

ABV: 12.6%  IBUs: 35  

Our friends over at Kentucky’s own Willett Distillery have one kind of barrel: wood. And they put two things in them: Bourbon and Rye. We were fortunate enough to get some of their Rye barrels, and we put our Imperial Stout in them. It’s a chocolatey, coffee-y, smoky, Bourbon-y beast of a barrel-aged thing. Word.







Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale 

    (Available in 6pk Bottles)

– American Strong Ale

– ABV: 9.75% 

We brewed this especially bitter ale in remembrance of the 2005 St Patrick’s Day Massacre and in commemoration of our 20-day suspension that followed. The ABC conducted an undercover investigation of our brewery, finding us guilty of operating a “Disorderly House.” We did the crime. We did the time. We got the bragging rights.








Lagunitas IPA

    (Available in 19.2oz Cans)


– ABV: 6.2%  IBUs: 51.5  

This is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries of Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute, nor as old as the 10,000 miles or so of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentoid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again. Now stop. Think again. And stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you’re on.





Lagunitas Daytime

    (Available in 6pk Cans)


– ABV: 4.65%  IBUs: 54 

We stood there for a while watching as the house burned. As the roof collapsed. As the rear wall with the back deck still connected surged forward under the weight of the flames, momentarily smothering the flare below it only to explode brightly with a rush of cinders and a wall of fresh heat thrust in our direction. What artifacts had just burst into the night air? A wedding dress? An old box of photographs? It was all gone or going now. The blaze was making something new at the same time. Something more primal and less evolved. By morning the weighty things of the past would be reduced to a vapor, heart, light, and cinders – receptive to the slightest wishful breeze. There is freedom in burning down the house of fixed realities and it confers an undeniable lightness to being. We didn’t invent these truths; they invented us.




Lagunitas Mozango

(Available in 6pk Bottles)


-ABV: 8.9% -IBUs: 29.5

We’ve got a big juicy secret for ya. Word on the street is this ale’s loaded with bunches of earthy-floral Mosaic and citrusy-piney Simcoe hops AND sources tell us it’s even packing some fresh mango juice in the mix. Like a smooth and aromatic tropicalian punch, right in the kisser… Mozango!








Lagunitas Aunt Sally

    (Available On Draft)

– Sour Ale

– ABV: 5.7% 

We soured the wort on the Hot Side with Lactobacillus for a few days and then brewed up this smooth and hoppy sour. It tastes like a big bowl of fruity candy or some chewable flavored vitamins, but what’s the difference? It’s sweet, tart, and sassy, just like the tasty cherry pie that your favorite aunt makes. For all the Aunt Sally’s out there, You know who you are…







Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss

(Available in 6pk Cans)

– Tropical IPA

-ABV: 7.2% 

Hopped up, tropical-fruit-packed island experience. A rogue wave of kiwi, papaya, pineapple, mango, and citrus flavor crashes into a jungle of Mosaic, Azacca, Galaxy, Eldorado, and Idaho 7 hops to create a tropical paradise.










Sierra Nevada Brut IPA

(Available in 6pk & 12pk Bottles)


-ABV: 6.2%. IBUs: 25 

This is our Brut IPA, a new take on IPA brewed for a bone dry champagne-style finish. Late hop additions give the beer balanced bitterness and a bright pop of citrus flavor. It’s as intriguing as it is drinkable.









Sierra Nevada The Sampler 

(Available in 12pk Bottles)


A good variety pack hits all the right spots: something light and easy-drinking like our Helles in the Tropics, a spicy and woodsy IPA like Hop Solo, our lush and aromatic Tropical Torpedo IPA, our classic Pale Ale, our cult-favorite Ruthless Rye IPA, and a hint of citrus with Sidecar Orange IPA. Whatever the day–or night–may bring, you’re covered with the Sampler.









Modern Times Nitro Black House

    (Available in 4pk Cans)

– Stout

ABV: 5.8%  

When you order a “nitro” beer, are you getting a beer nitrogenated with real, honest-to-goodness nitrogen? Or are you getting a tall, frosty glass full of lies? Unfortunately, far too often, the answer is the latter. Some “nitro” beers are in fact CO2 carbonated beers that are either pushed out of the keg with nitrogen, or partially de-gassed and then partially nitrogenated. The results do not do nitro beers justice, in my humble opinion, which is why I was determined to only do Nitro Black House when we could commit to doing an entire 30bbl batch fully nitrogenated in the brite tank. So that’s exactly what we did and what we’ll continue doing, since this is now a year round offering from us. The best thing about Nitro Black House is that it is noticeably different in flavor and aroma than regular ol’ Black House. The flavor is bright and snappy with a big chocolate/coffee aroma, and the trademark super smooth, creamy mouthfeel and lingering head of a true nitro beer. It’s goddamn delicious, and definitely worth trying side-by-side with regular Black House. If I were to say it is “hella crushable, brah”, I would not be lying. I would not.