Week of June 4th-10th 2018

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– Tin City Cider Co. Original Dry Hopped Cider

    (Available in 4pk Cans & On Draft)

– Cider

ABV: 7.5%   

Bone dry, Carefully crafted with California apples, dry hopped and barrel fermented.









– Tin City Cider Co. Poly Dolly

    (Available in 4pk Cans & On Draft)

– Cider

ABV: 8.5%   

A unique blend of cider and rosé blend of Mourvèdre, Pinot Noir and Petit Verdot.  Dry hopped with Citra and Cascade hops. 








– Tin City Cider Co. Heartland

    (Available in 4pk Cans)

– Cider

ABV: 7%   

Fermented and aged in Missouri White Oak barrels for 4 months.  Notes of creamy raw almonds and vanilla bean.








– Miller Lite

    (Available in 24pk 16oz Cans)

– Pilsner

ABV: 4.2%   

Miller Lite delivers more golden color, hops, aroma and satisfying taste than anyone would expect in a light beer.









– Coors Light

    (Available in 12pk 16oz Cans)

– Light Lager

– ABV: 4.2%   

Great beer happens when you combine superior ingredients with a time-tested process. Every brew of Coors Light is made with traditional two-row lager malt which is made from our unique high country barley and four hop varieties. These are selected for their delicate aromatic properties. Coors has been using the same type of high country barley for decades, for a history you can taste.






– Keystone Light

    (Available in 6pk 16oz Cans)

– Light Lager

– ABV: 4.1%   

Introduced in 1989, Keystone Light is a light-bodied, crisp beer that is always smooth. Keystone Light is for those who know a beer among buddies always tastes best when it’s smooth.








– Coronado Brewing Co. Marine Dream IPA

    (Available in 6pk Cans & On Draft)


ABV: 6.5%  -IBUS: 50   

Marine Dream is brewed with oats and London III yeast for a smooth mouthfeel and hazy, New-England-style appearance. Citra, Mosaic and Vic Secret give this beer a bright, tropical profile with a lingering juicy fruitiness.









– Dogfish Head Festina Peche

    (Available in 6pk Bottles)

– Berliner Weisse

– ABV: 4.5%  IBUs: 8

A refreshing neo-Berliner Weisse fermented with peaches.