Week of March 19th-25th 2018

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– Stone Enjoy By 04.20.18 IPA

    (Available in 6pk Cans, 22oz Bottles, & On Draft)

– Double IPA

– ABV: 9.4%   IBUs: 90   

Consistently delivered faster than any bottled IPA on the planet, Stone Enjoy By IPA facilitated a paradigm shift in respect for and enjoyment of hoppy beers by ensuring craft beer fans the ultimate level of freshness. We brew this intense double IPA with more than 10 different hops, employing hop-bursting and dry-hopping techniques to amp up the peach and tropical fruit notes and overall hop factor. Brewed specifically NOT to last, this devastatingly fresh, golden beauty should be enjoyed within 37 days.





– White Claw Seltzer Black Cherry

    (Available in 12pk Cans)

– Hard Seltzer

– ABV: 5%   

Subtle yet unmistakable cherry flavor meets dry yet refreshing hard seltzer. The result? Crisp, clean spiked sparkling water with minimal sweetness and no aftertaste- just a light hint of deliciously dark black cherry.







– White Claw Seltzer Ruby Grapefruit

    (Available in 12pk Cans)

– Hard Seltzer

– ABV: 5%   

A dry yet refreshing hard seltzer meets tangy yet sweet grapefruit in a feat of delicious balance. Nothing bitter, nothing sweet. Simply crisp, clean spiked sparkling water kissed with true ruby grapefruit.








– Four Loko Black 

    (Available in 12pk Cans)

– Malt Beverage

– ABV: 14%   

Four Loko nights are always unexpected and adventurous. Your night could end in glory, or it could end in you finishing an entire pizza by yourself in bed. Which is kind of glorious in its own way. Black is just as bold as your Four Loko night out. We won’t tell you what it tastes like – you just have to find out at the start of your next Four Loko Story.








– Coronado Coastwise Session IPA

    (Available in 6pk Cans)

– Session IPA

– ABV: 5% IBUs: 45 

Dry-hopped with a blend of Mosaic and Sorachi Ace hops, overflowing with tropical mango, peach and citrus aromas,and a dry lingering finish.









– Coronado Seacoast Pilsner

    (Available in 6pk Cans)

– Pilsner

– ABV: 4.9%  -IBUs: 18

This California-style pilsner is crisp, refreshing and highly drinkable with hop aroma and flavor from Chez Saaz, Cluster and German Hallertau hops.  Our Seacoast Pilsner is the perfect companion to endless days spent on sun-kissed shores, sandy beaches, backyard BBQ’s – or just about anywhere!








– Coronado Islander IPA

    (Available In 12pk Cans)


– ABV: 7%    IBUs: 65 

Named after Coronado Island, our original India Pale Ale is a liquid expression of hometown pride. Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops combine to provide an explosive burst of piney bitterness and luscious notes of apricot, grapefruit and mango that are sure to evoke imagery of swaying palms and sun-kissed shores.







– Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Lime & Agave

    (Available In 6pk Cans)

– Gose

– ABV: 4.9%    IBUs: 6

We combined the classic flavors of lime and blue agave nectar in a tart gose-style beer for the ultimate answer to the heavy heat of the day. The bright lime flavor helps wake up the palate while the mild sweetness of the agave rounds out the tangy zip of the citrus fruit. Light and refreshing, this all-new Otra Vez will have you calling for another round.








– Sierra Nevada BFD (Beer For Drinking)

    (Available In 19.2oz Cans)

– Blonde Ale

– ABV: 4.8%    IBUs: 33

There are days when you want a beer—just a beer—that hits all the right spots. Well, this is it. No snifters required, no special occasions—just an unfussy, uncomplicated, hoppy blonde ale brewed to fit in no matter where it goes. This isn’t beer for collecting, this is beer for drinking.








– Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Latte

    (Available in 6pk Bottles)

– Milk Stout

– ABV: 5% 

People love our Peanut Butter Milk Stout, and this time we put a fun twist on our classic! Thomas brewed up a milk stout that is golden in color, a real sensory trip, and loaded it with coffee and chocolate. Then we kicked it up a notch by peanut-butterizing (is that a word?) the beer for a real treat. Tom said “A PEANUT BUTTER LATTE, THAT SOUNDS GREAT!” Perfect to sip on chilled nights and early mornings. We hope you enjoy this new adventure in brewing as much as we do.”






– Lagunitas Lucky 13

    (Available in 22oz Bottles)

– Red Ale

– ABV: 8.8%  IBUs 55 

An ultra-mega-mondo red ale first made for our anniversary in 2006 to celebrate thirteen years of brewing ultra-mega-mondo ales.