Week of March 20th-26th 2017

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– Stone Enjoy By 4.20.17

    (Available in 6pk, 22oz Bottles & On Draft) 

– Double IPA

– ABV: 9.4%  IBUs: 90 

Our all-important, hop-driven quest to deliver the most devastatingly fresh IPA on the planet facilitated a paradigm shift in 2012 with the launch of Stone Enjoy By IPA. Not only did we brew this beer with more than 10 different hops, we brewed it specifically NOT to last. Acclaimed for its groundbreakingly short shelf life, this intense double IPA brought forth a whole new concept of what constitutes “fresh” — guaranteeing fans the ultimate level of hoppiness. This devastatingly dank stash of our dry-hopped, hop-bursted double IPA won’t last long. Get your hands on this dank, golden beauty before everyone else gets wind of it.







– Redd’s Apple Ale

    (Available in 16oz Aluminum Bottles

– Fruit Beer

– ABV: 5%  

Redd’s Apple Ale is a refreshing beer plus the crisp taste of apples.











– Knee Deep Brewing Co. Lupulin River

    (Available On Draft)

– Imperial IPA

– ABV: 8%  
This Double IPA includes Mosaic and Simcoe hops, South American specialty malt, and tons of tastiness. Looks like liquid gold, smells like a bright tropical fruit pine forest, and tastes like all that and more.










– Victory Brewing Summer Love Ale

    (Available In 6pk Bottles & On Draft)

– Golden Ale

– ABV: 5.2%  

There are plenty of reasons to love summer, and here is one great one! German hops and pale malt blend beautifully to create this refreshing taste of summer. This light-bodied ale casts a golden hue reminiscent of the summer sun shining high above the City of Philadelphia. It was commissioned of us by Visit Philadelphia in order to capture the essence of a city that is rich in history and in flavor. Share and feel the ‘Love this summer as tourists and locals alike flock to your restaurant or bar!






– Victory Brewing Kirsch Gose

    (Available In 6pk Bottles)

– Gose

– ABV: 4.7%  

Excite your senses with a sharp, sweet burst of fresh cherries. Sublime and effervescent, this bold and bright session ale has an enticing cherry-fruit character.