Week of May 7th-May 13th 2018

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– Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Extra

    (Available In 22oz Bottles)

– Imperial IPA

– ABV: 8.7%  IBUs: 72.51     

This is my space. I write the words here. I am the ghost in the machine. These words are the voice of the beer you have been drinking, or will soon drink. The words are profane, pedestrian, vulgar. These words are not refreshing, they are not magical like the beer they colorfully wrap. You and I have only words and these words are my nearly desperate attempt to be understood. The beer beneath me is never desperate, it is nearly sacred. It is a promise. It knows that it is a dream of running in grass, a dream of music in the sky, a bridge to another shore. It is a communion wafer on your tongue and you take it into your body in the same hopeful transcendent pursuit of solace and community with the eternal. Of course, it isn’t any of those things unless you want it to be so, but neither is the communion wafer. These words are all I have, but the work of the guadrillion yeast cells acting in their own eternal congress and the message that they have for you, shepherded by a handful of brewers to you in this form is a thing that you now have, in your mind, in your hand and soon, once again, in your mind. The time for words is ending now.




– New Belgium Hemperor HPA

    (Available In 6pk Bottles and on Draft)


– ABV: 7%  IBUs: 55     

Get ready: an exciting new offering that’ll change the way you think about hoppy beers is coming your way. The brewers at New Belgium have created a new style of IPA: The Hemperor HPA. With the popularity of hoppy beers, our brewers are always on the lookout for different hop varieties and the complexities and flavors new strains can bring. That’s where hemp comes into the picture. Without getting too nerdy, we found a unique way to recreate hemp terpene flavors in a beer, which complement the inclusion of hop flavors and hemp hearts (seeds) in a brand new, delicious way—not to mention this beer is extremely dank! The flavors and aromas are so unique that it’s a style unto itself, hence HPA®.





– Stone I’m Peach Double IPA

    (Available In 22oz Bottles and 6pk Cans)

– Double IPA

– ABV: 8.8%      

Who wants to kick fruit out of beer? Not us. When done right, adding orange or grapefruit or tangerine can contribute a deeper level of delicious complexity to the beer. In this case, peach was the perfect complement to enhance the substantial bill of hops in this double IPA. May its reign last more than a few terms.






– Zima

    (Available In 6pk Bottles)

– Malt Beverage

– ABV: 5%      

Nothing quite says the 1990s like a Zima drink. It features a lightly sweet citrus flavor that resembles a wine cooler. This Zima beverage is a special limited re-release of the classic that was previously only made available in the summer of 2017. Invite some friends over on a sunny day and enjoy a refreshing drink while you remember the good old days and make new memories. You can enjoy this alcoholic beverage on its own or blend it into a cocktail for even more fun. Zima tastes best when served as chilled. This product is ideal for anyone who remembers the 90s with a fondness or who just wants to experience a bygone classic. The light carbonation gives it a pleasant texture without the filling feeling of soda or beer. Enjoy it with friends or just keep a case as a collector’s item.